Lenses in Albury Wodonga

At Blue Star Eyecare we understand that vision is important.

Although most labs use lenses with the newest technology, someone around the corner will have a better lens. As lenses continually change we follow who offers the best lenses at the most competitive price.

Our labs include Hoya, Carl Zeiss, Shamir and Essilor.

Progressive Lenses

These are lenses that correct your vision at different working distances from reading distance to far distance. The spectacle lenses do not have visible lines that separate the segments, so cosmetically they appear just the same as single vision lenses.

Some people take a little time to adjust to the different viewing experience this presents, particularly if having been wearing single vision lenses before where the whole lens is assigned to the distance vision only. They do however provide the great benefit of no longer having to ‘switch glasses’ for distance and near.

Blue Star Lenses
Blue Star Lenses

Office Lenses

Computer progressive lenses, also known as "office lenses" or "near variable focus lenses", are designed for computer users in mind for the office environment.

With a larger intermediate vision zone, this lens is best suited to those people needing an extended intermediate lens to use on digital devices up to 2m and has a small distance area to see projector screens or use their glasses walking around the office. This lens is not suitable for driving.

Anti-fatigue Lenses

These single-vision lenses that can help relieve visual fatigue symptoms such as eyes that sting and feel tight, headaches, eyestrain and blurred vision while engaging in near range tasks.

We will assess your vision as well as the health of your eyes and advise you what is the best course of action. Blue Star Eyecare is located in both Albury and Wodonga for your convenience.
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